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    "How do I build a life in tandem with theatre and not just make my career my life?"

    "I am just so burned out and overwhelmed, and I feel stuck."

    Stage Creatives Network is dedicated to improving the lives and well being of theatre artists through networking, resources and connection.

    We are focused on making it easy for you to build connections with the click of a button. Hop on a virtual social hour or build a lasting connection through messaging. Need a social media break? Use Stage Creatives Network to build a designated page where people can find you in the off season so that you can get the mental rest you need without sacrificing your valuable connections.

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    "God help and forgive me /
    I want to build something that's going to outlive me"

    -- Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda)


    Stage Creatives Network is a professional membership group for on and offstage workers who want an alternative to hustle culture. We are centered around 4 pillars: A strong network, work-life balance, financial literacy and creative + self expression. These are the tools you need to ultimately build a long lasting, sustainable life in theatre. Join us as we create a better industry.

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