Who We Are

A Note From the Creator

When I was younger, I used to couchsurf when I traveled. It was thrilling, exhilarating, terrifying and wonderful coming together with strangers to achieve a community and learn and teach in that way. Putting trust in the unknown, traveling without a backup plan, and deciding everyday that you're going to make an effort to meet someone new and learn their story.

In many ways, those who choose a life in theatre are like that. We are the one who leap, who hug strangers, who network not just because we have to but because what another person has to say is valuable. We give each other voices and lift each other up and create magic, night after night. We are the ones that shout "look at this beautiful thing I am a part of!" to our friends and family ALL THE TIME.

Networking for us should be easy, it's in our personalities, our bones, our desires whether we want to admit or not. Many of us just don't know how to tap into that instinct. My hope is that with Stage Creatives Network, it was just made one small step easier to be the you you already knew you could be.


Mission Statement

The industry can be hard to crack. It can be brutal, isolating, and difficult to network if you are new. But we NEED new blood, new ideas, new ventures, new voices. Not just onstage but backstage too. 

But in order to do that, we also need to radically change the way we operate within the industry. Stage Creatives Network is centered and built around 4 pillars that make for a long term, successful, sustinable career in the industry: 

A strong network
Work/life balance
Financial literacy
Creative + self expression 

Read more about the four pillars HERE.

Having access to these tools and resources will help you craft not just a career in theatre, but a life in theatre, whatever that may mean to you.

Here at Stage Creatives Network, we seek to create an inclusive, diverse professional community of all levels and all locations. When you level up, your whole network levels up, and our mission is simply for everyone to succeed doing what they love to do. Community > competition. There is no one size fits all for working in theatre, nor should there be. 

If this sounds like what you've been looking for, great! We hope you join us in building a community that promotes thriving over hustling.

What We Offer

What value does joining Stage Creatives Network provide?

  • Virtual workshops (and hopefully in person at some point!)
  • Industry Coaching
  • Live Social hours
  • Groups and discussions
  • Professional Pages and networking 
  • A welcoming environment for anyone who wants to connect with other theatre pros 

What is the difference between free and premium accounts?

  • Anyone is welcome to log in, create an account, upload their bio and resume, and start connecting with people. 
  • If you want free access to any of the live workshops, coaching, social hours, and even more resources, you can opt for a 3 or 6 month membership.

Why are your memberships 6 months and not a year? 

  • Because we want to honor the season that you're in. We would rather have you show up and make the most of your membership for 6 months than half-ass it for a year. We understand that life gets busy, so you're free to downgrade at any time and join when you have the time again. 

Great! How do I sign up for a paid membership? 

  • Sign up for the free site and create a profile.
  • Click on Premium Portals. 
  • Click on Premium Member Portal.
  • Click Pay! 
  • OR if you're a student or union member, follow the link to the discounted price. 

Can I join SCN as a student? 

  • Absolutely! As long as you are over 18. We even offer a student discount. 

Are there community guidelines? 

  • Yes. The TL;DR is don't be a dick, but you can find a code of conduct in our Terms and Conditions. 
  • It also goes without saying that hate has no home here. If you don't believe black lives matter, women's + LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights, and that all people (including people working the arts) deserve to make a living and thrive, then this community is likely not for you. And that's OK. 

Can I advertise on Stage Creatives Network? 

  • Yes, email Rachel at hello@rachelannestiles.com to arrange for ad space. 

How does vouching work? 

  • Fill out the Google Forms page. When TWO OR MORE people have vouched for you, you will get a badge added to your profile photo that indicates you have been vouched for. 




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